This body will be known as the City of Champions Full Gospel Inc. We will be known as the people's church. "Where God is great, in the people." We are a non-denominational church with diverse Christian practices. This church will be for "All" people to walk out their God-given assignments. The “City” ATL is a spirit-filled, non-denominational, prophetic, multi-generational kingdom movement. The City was birthed out of a mandate given to Pastor Jonathan Marshall to disciple and train people to represent God in every sector of society. The City was founded to give the underdog a chance. The foundational scriptures are John 3:16, Ephesians 4:11-16, and 2 Chronicles 7:14-15.


We are dedicated to academic and spiritual excellence as well as mentoring and supporting spiritual leaders. We are a ministry founded on giving the underdog a chance. We exist to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through effective leadership and worship.


Mission Statement: Our Mission as the City of Champions Full Gospel Church is to make passionate and devoted followers of Christ Jesus, through effective training and love. To be a house of prayer for all people, and a church of empowerment and encouragement. To develop authentic, passionate, and devoted followers of Christ Jesus, through effective discipleship and LOVE.

Vision Statement: To train kingdom representatives to advance God’s agenda in every sector of man.


We are Kingdom Cultured: Living in alignment with the cultural principles of the Kingdom of God



Our Values













Saved by Grace

Values Statements

Community-minded: We are community-minded and extend our service to the community through outreach efforts, evangelism, and missionary work.


Intercession: We value the power of prayer, which enables us to be on one-accord in worship, witness, and live Godly lifestyles.


Tenacious: We are determined to extend our services outside the walls of the church through outreach efforts, evangelism, and discipleship.


Yielding: Because we are spirit yielding we strive to follow the leading of the spirit to live our lives accordingly to God’s will and Word.

Advancement: We work diligently and strategically to experience advancement in our lives, ministry, profession, and purpose. 


Transformation: Because of the Holy Spirit and the principles of the word of God, we expect to see transformation in every aspect of our lives.


Leadership: Because we are God’s representatives (ambassadors) to the world we demonstrate quality leadership in the sectors we have been assigned to by God.