About us

This body will be known as the City of Champions Full Gospel Inc. We will be known as the people's church. "Where God is great, in the people." We are a non-denominational church with diverse Christian practices. This church will be for "All" people to walk out their God-given assignments.


We are dedicated to academic and spiritual excellence as well as mentoring and supporting spiritual leaders.


We are a ministry founded on giving the underdog a chance. We exist to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through effective leadership and worship.


Mission Statement: Our Mission as the City of Champions Full Gospel Church is to make passionate and devoted followers of Christ Jesus, through effective training and love. To be a house of prayer for all people, and a church of empowerment and encouragement.

our pastors:
 Apostle Suzie E.Jones

 Church Covering & Chief Apostle 

Jonathan Jones

Director of Men's Ministry

Jonathan Marshall

Senior Pastor & Founder

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